Privacy Policy

October 25, 2018

My web browsers are configured to aggressively block ads, annoyances, and tracking using Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin. Since I am not comfortable with my own browsing being tracked, I refuse to contribute to the problem by using common third-party analytics scripts. At some point in the future I will examine what minimal, non-tracking information is most useful and how it should be aggregated. That design will be shared in a blog post and summarized in an updated privacy policy before any collection is activated.

This website is hosted on Google Firebase, because I trust Google to keep their connections and systems secure, and to be responsible stewards of what little information their servers collect. For details, see Privacy and Security in Firebase. In particular, they provide the example that Firebase Hosting "uses IP addresses of incoming requests to detect abuse and provide customers with detailed analysis of usage data" and "retains IP data for a few months" (as of 2018-10-25).

If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail me at this domain.