October 25, 2018

Last summer I turned a page in my career, and my life. With this summer cooling into fall, it seems a good time to reflect on what I've been doing. And talk a bit about what comes next.

Fundamentally, I enjoy building things. There is magic in conjuring something from thoughts and materials, then stepping back to watch the (often metaphorical) gears turn and motors hum. That isn't quite right, let's fix it. Now tweak this. Maybe we can invent something better over there...

Right. Back on track.

This blog is about sharing my passion with you, and hopefully infecting new people with the urge to create (evil laugh). I plan to produce a mix of small projects and incremental progress on large projects, described in a couple of blog posts every week.

The first pieces are likely to be a hex-tiled puzzle game (watch for an art prototype in the next few days), and the continuation of an article I teased during the summer. WebVR has also reached the point where building a demo experience is tempting.

My trouble is having too many things to talk about, rather than too few. So onward!